Women Need Essential Fatty Acids!

This article is for women who need to uderstand the critcal role of essential fatty acids (omega 3-6-9) in their diet

If you are a woman and you do not consume the right amount of essential fats daily, your food will NOT digest properly NOR will anything else you do regarding health. NO other nutrient will fully benefit you like essential fatty acids. Without essential fatty acids, your entire body eventually fails.

What happens when women do not get enough essential fatty acids?

Women who eat low fat diets experience degenerative reproductive system disorders (absent, irregular or painful periods). Other signs of a diet lacking in essential fats in women can include anyone of the following:

  • irritable behavior,
  • crankiness,
  • sagging lose skin,
  • insomnia,
  • moodiness,
  • dry brittle skin, hair or nails,
  • aching joints or muscles,
  • regular headaches,
  • anxiety and nervousness,
  • PMS or menopause,
  • degenerative eyesight,
  • infertility, and more...

Menstruating women can lose a significant amount of blood every month, thus they lose the nutrients and essential fats that were in the blood. As a result, women often need to take higher quantities of some vitamins and minerals than men do. They also need to replenish the essential fats in their bodies with a balanced diet and/or oil supplement.

Smoking depletes you of essential fats. If you're a smoker, on a low-fat diet and trying to have a baby but can't figure out why you aren't conceiving, then you need essential fats. Fats are probably the single most important nutrient women tend to neglect. Essential fatty acids help to regulate your hormones - if you miss out on taking in enough of them, you are subject to all symptoms above and more! This is why supplementing with essential fats is so critical for women. Their behavior is dependent on healthy hormonal activity, which is determined by a healthy intake of good essential fats.

Many women don't realize that essential fats also regulate cholesterol and reverse high blood pressure. Essential fats or 'good fats' do not make you fat like bad (saturated) fat does. The body instantly recognizes them as ‘good’ for you and puts them to use for healing and growth as soon as you ingest them. Good fats act as anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and also produce fat burning enzymes. This is a good thing because it means that in order to lose fat, we need fat, Good fat! Too often we are told that cutting fat from the diet will help you lose fat and maintain a lean physique, but the human body requires good essential fats to get rid of body fat.

No more confusion. If you're on a no or low fat diet, START supplementing with essential fats TODAY!

Did you know that our brain alone is over 60% fat?

Essential fats are vital components to healthy brain activity and to our nervous system. In fact, if mothers become depleted of essential fats during pregnancy, their children's optimal spine development is limited. It is well known essential fats are necessary for every cell's growth from conception to the day we die.

Over the past 20 years, women's health has degenerated so much that it's become difficult to get into shape. Diets that are marketed as 'low' fat, 'no' fat, and 'fake' fat diets have been depriving people of more essential fats than junk food itself ever could. It's deceiving because women are usually far more concerned with health issues than men. They tend to read more about health and nutrition and make a greater effort to look good and feel well. Women purchase far more health food supplements than men. Unfortunately, they are often misguided by misrepresentations in nutrition articles and commercials and tend to eat too many low fat foods deprived of essential fats.

Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding may be the most in need of large amounts of essential fats in their diet. Women experiencing post-pregnancy need to replenish their body stores of essential fats.

Generally, women have a substantially different metabolism and biochemistry than men do. How it is that these differences translate into different nutritional and fatty acid needs can only be determined by the individual themselves and through the sources of information available to the public. Since researchers have been concerned mostly with saturated fats and cholesterol, they have overlooked research on the need for essential fats.

Women have essential fat abnormalities. Their fatty acid profiles change after menopause. There is a great variability in essential fats patterns for both sexes. For this reason alone, women should supplement with an essential fatty acid formula, especially if they are experiencing harsh menopaus or pms.

Deficiencies of essential fats in women can also alter the balance of calcium. Supplementing with essential fats helps improve the use of calcium by the body. Cells will retain calcium better and they are less likely to lose it through leaky membranes and the kidney works more effectively reabsorbing calcium.

Most aging symptoms like heart attacks, strokes, arthritis, headaches and such are all related to a deficiency of essential fatty acids in the diet. Preventative measures must be taken today to protect yourself, start supplementing with an essential fatty acid oil formula today!

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