Healthy Fish Sources & Health Benefits

The evidence is compelling. Experts are now suggesting that people eat two to three servings of fish a week or to supplement with an omega fatty acid supplement - WOMEN ESPECIALLY!

Udo's Oil Blend is the supplement recommended for essential fatty acid supplementation for women.

The omega-3 fatty acids found in fatty fish and fish oil does lower the risks of both coronary heart disease and stroke.

Fish Source (4oz)
Health Benefits
Mackerel (Atlantic) 297 20.0g High Omega-3, Improves cholesterol levels, helps psoriasis
Salmon (Atlantic) 206 9.2g High Omega-3, Can lower risk of heart disease, depression, psoriasis, endometrial cancer and diabetes
Trout 192 8.1g High Omega-3
Arctic Char 170 6.6g Good Omega-3
Swordfish 176 5.9g Small amounts Omega-3
Oysters 185 5.2g Good source of Omega-3, Iron and safe to eat year round
Scallops 121 3.5g Good source of Selenium, Potassium and Vitamin B12
Tuna (canned) 145 3.3g Good Omega-3
Stripped Bass 140 3.3g Conjugated Linoleic Acid
Seabass (Chilean) 140 2.9g Good Protein
Clams 168 2.3g High in Iron
Snapper 145 2.0g Small amounts Omega-3
Crab (Alaskan King Blue) 109 1.7g Can lower cholesterol
Sole 133 1.7g Good Protein
Flounder 133 1.7g Good source of Selenium (Anti-Oxidant)
Squid 104 1.6g Good source of Potassium
Shrimp 112 1.2g May protect against heart disease
Tuna (Yellowfin) 123 1.0g Good Protein, lean and low fat
Cod (Atlantic) 119 0.9g Low Fat and very lean
Skate 131 0.9g Low Fat and very lean

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