Busy Moms Need Exercise Too!Exercise For Busy Moms

Even though many busy moms do make a point of eating healthy, they can still gain weight if they haven't incorporated exercise into their daily regime.

For most moms, finding the time to workout is usually quite difficult because they have to figure out when they are going to fit it into their already busy schedule filled with everyday family and work-related responsibilities.

However, it is critical that these busy moms do make the time to workout because regular exercise not only aids in weight loss and weight maintenance, but it also allows for the busy mom to reach a fundamentally important state of good health overall.

If you are a busy mom who is currently dieting or is about to begin eating right with the goal of weight loss, then it's important for you to know that once you have reached your goal weight, you will then need to maintain your new weight with regular exercise to keep the pounds from coming back on.

If you raise your caloric intake even slightly after weight loss, the weight can creep back on if you are not exercising.

Excess calories have no way of being burned off so performing some form of regular physical activity becomes crucial to weight maintenance. It's always the moms who exercise regularly after weight loss that are able to maintain their new weight

Moms should be physically fit!

Moms who engage in regular physical activity, either by themselves, with their husbands or with their children are generally healthier than their friends who remain inactive. Exercising regularly is the best medicine that a busy mother can give to her body.

Here is why:

  • Being fit helps to maintain their weight and it makes them physically stronger.
  • Being a fit and in shape mom boosts self-esteem and energy levels.
  • Exercise reduces high blood pressure, helps you sleep and it help you to move better and quicker.
  • Exercise is fun if you enjoy the form of exercise you choose to perform, ie: aerobics, kickboxing, swing-dancing.
  • Exercise will stimulate the release of mood-enhancing endorphins that can relieve stress and perk up your mood.
  • Exercise will reduce your chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke.
  • Exercise will improve your blood circulation so that you will be able to better help your children with their homework.
  • Being physically fit will allow you the ability to carry heavy bags of groceries out to the car.
  • Being physically fit will allow you the enjoyment of playing sports and participating in other physical activities with your kids.
  • Being physically fit will allow you the enjoyment of snacking on the same treats as your kids because you can afford the calories.
  • Being physically fit will enable you to carry your child to safety in a state of emergency without any hassels or a shortness of breath.
  • Being physically fit will enhance your romance life with your husband.
  • Being physically fit will allow you to pick up your baby, chase after your toddler or roughhouse with your kids in the backyard.

If you eat right and exercise regularly, you will achieve and maintain your weight loss goal and enjoy a happy and healthy family life!